'Rupi' from 'The Kalighat Project' series, 2019.

'Rupi' from 'The Kalighat Project' series, 2019.

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The work 'Rupi' is one of the six works from 'The Kalighat Project' series.

In 2019 Silvia Sarsano was invited to participate at Chander Haat artist residency in Kolkata, India. During the stay she worked on the “Kalighat project” - a series speaking about human trafficking and representing Arts & Crafts as a way of reintegrating sex workers into society.

Kolkata is the biggest hub for human trafficking in Asia. Many victims of human trafficking are reintroduced to society by learning new work skills. One of them is Block printing - the earliest method of printing patterns on textile, usually linen, silk or cotton. Adopting this wooden blocks printing technique for this series of works, Silvia Sarsano portrayed six women. One of them is not an actual sex worker but it is not said who to stress the dignity of a woman regarding her profession or social status.

20% of all profits from sales of 'The Kalighat Project' will be donated to the NGO New Light in Kolkata, India. 


85 x 106 cm

oil, acrylic and block printing on canvas


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